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The highest science is to make science possible

List of contents:

The beach
External units
Thin layer travel
Conditioned homes
Ossicles a soft voice
Quantum altering
Suggestive learning
System of greater good
Virtual worlds
Civilisation void
Soul exchange
Blue Scheme
Quantum travelling
Biological science function
Radio shield
Ocean of light
Features of electron and photon
Ground materials
Dimension of energy
Device interfaces
Mind coding
Automatic defense unit
Chemical electricity
Codes of Planets and Stars(for travel)
Quantum travell
Mind balance device
Line of travelling
Energy weapon
Gravity essence of force field
Gedeelde dimensies
Worm Holes
Programs and souls
Projection of materials
Alloy creative Building
Formula's Fantasy

The beach

Walking along the beach

As the quest for technology advances
the many to find the pieces of high art.

As the quest for technology advances
as a walk along the beach for the
secrets of high times.

I was walking along the beach
when the waters became wild
i lost track and only saw
one pair of tracks.

The tracks leading to a position
of inventing the glory of diamonds.

Every inventor or technology expert,
walking along the beach,
finds stones of high value
some are raw diamonds,
others are emeralds,
as pearls found in shelves
and the wisdom sometimes
disguised by a castle of sand.

Technology is sometimes
writing about the view of
a spectator and other times
being found by formula by
a studied or scholared one.

May this website enscenics
describe a view of light
in the air, of light
in the eye of discovery.

As all the technology on this
website, has no scientific
proof or base.

External Units

Vision Treats

In the future in about four hundred years,
we will be having a nw kind of technology.

A kind of getting information,
A kind of decisionpreparing

An external unit is about
a four centimetres and shines
as a light into the eye.

As the eye is being artificial altered
to receive this beam in the centre
without altering reality.

The beam can project
books as texts in the eye
like seeing a television
but without one being there.

The beam can support by giving
additional steps as by small
step by step.

Like with the mind used for
all kinds of decisions,
this unit can support the
mind proces,
even handling the mindprocess

The external unit can float
around the head and by projection
quickly float in front.

This external unit can be
made of the top of digital
technology, with a small
laser and projection field.

This external unit,
takes over all normal
mind functions and is
by source attached to
a netwerk, maybe bluetooth.

Travel Light speed

Faster by source

As a thin layer below the direct surface of reality
is a thin field of forcefield in a natural manner.

This thin layer when attaching to it,
can give vessels to travel at double
light speed.

This thin layer when attaching to it,
even the vessels in reality can travel
without restraints.

This thin layer is like the object
bounding to an energy source,
as comparing the wireless phone charger,

except this layer proppels the vessel
to speed and at a distant destination
one disconnects and is again
in normal gravity and other laws or forces.

This thin layer is not visible by the
natural eye and sciences, as its bound
to special materials to be seen and used.

This thin layer is to be used
when travelling through the universe.

As even making warp or portal travell
being of a lesser kind.

As with warp one depends on a fluid
which is derived with infavourite methods.

And as with portal,
by using subtime, the consciousness
of all habitants of the ship is slowly
altered giving changed personality.

Conditioned homes

A biological advancement

Biological conditioned homes.
This technology is made by
the biological advancement.

As a home, combined with fourty others
is like a bulb above the ground,

Now this bulb is with layered materials
make it a living being.

As it is biological artifical it holds
no animate soul as even in mammals seen

As this bulb has around it a large field
of green substance, giving it
like chlorofyl a mix of both oxygen
and glucose.

This bulb as it is a conditioned home,
derives its energy from chlorofyl
And is used for conditioning,
from a maximum of sixty degrees celsius.

It is from biological material,
from both plants and coldblooded animals.

As being artificial no animals
are to be used for it.

This bulb can be used for
conditioning anywhere on earth
without energy supply being needed
like electricity or gas.

A conditioned home, the drawback
that its walls are green,
and like with solar panels
a field with green color too.

The conditioning as its a biological
source, is selfdependent.


A soft voice told of large communication

As in our human body we have the ear
with its parts to make us hear sound.

To hear sound for communicating,
for cultural purposes and for
transferring information and knowledge

To make us possible to talk about
our thoughts our experiences.

To communicate and to interact.
We hear as its a large part of life
to be able to hear and to understand.

As the ossicles are three little bones
making us aware of sound.

These ossicles with an artificial
change can be made to have us
communicate not through sound
but by a presupposed radio channel.

As it would after altering giving
methods to automaticly make
sound and the source of it waves
transferred to large distance.

As its the passive sound part,
can be made for all purposes
of transferring by source.

As the active part of it,
talking on a soft tone,
can be transferred too,
and the destination,
can hear it at their own level.

As Telepathy is said to work through
the mind, as a transferrign thought
to a mind-receiver

As this is a technology
to give large distance communication.

Both transferring sound,
and the carrier of a soft voice

The method to use the ossicles
the small three bones to be altered
for communication.


At light paths my message transceived

As a thin line through the atmosphere,
made up of altered water molecules.

As the ozone, the watermolecules
with a new kind of hydroxy bond,
not yet discovered.

These lines, faster than electric current or electrons,
by the use of photon's and the guiding layer

This method can be used for communicating
at large distances, from a hub above a large city,
to transfer to another hun thousands of kilometres away

In close range, normal communication methods
can be used, and from continent to continent
this lightpaths can be used.

These light paths,
by a convector from source to destination
a method to communicate.

These lightpaths through the atmosphere,
are layed around the world
and give all digital communication
and large distance information
spreading a new perspective in the
era of our civilisation.

Quamtum altering

The vision on quantum particles

As molecules exist with parts of atoms,
as electrons, protrons and neutrons
depict the size and value of an atom.

As quantum mechanics is the smaller kind
of an atom, depicting the core of an atom.

By altering quantum values,
we can change the core of an atom,
and even superceding all features
of an atom.

As a changed atom is able to either
have lightspeed photon emission,
and the use of loss-free energy compliant.

As changed atoms, can also,
give life-tissue a prolonged state
of existence.

The changed quantum particels
can be used to change the sinews
in the spacequarters and able
to communicate like the difference
between the original phone line,
and the currentday technology.

As we change quantum particles
we can make a special atom
as a basis for all artificial
intelligent objects.

As each atom has in its core,
which is either very small
or with large powers.

a number of twenty three quantum particles
to be changed, and to be altered.

By one quantum particle
electrons can be overloaded
and energy transfer loss free.

A second quantum particle
can connect to the sinews
in space and its quarters.

A third quantum can
give the core either
maximum gravity or forcelevels.

a fourth quantum can
increase the rate of photon
either giving a large light
or dimming it at even in plain sight
to be invisible

A fifth quantum can alter
the atoms level of bonds
with other molecules.

As the other quantumparticles
are yet unknown, and are only
able to be experimented on
when in high grade facilities.

Suggestive learning

Intelligence measured

Suggestive learning is a capability test
on how intelligence can adapt to new

As all children when learning get the
information a fashion to be able
to grasp the formula or essence.

At suggestive learning
the difference between
a priori learning and
a posteriori learning is giving
more meaning to how
a child learns.

It gives earlier han adulthood
the analysis of how good
one learns and how high
the education grade gets.

A priori means that
before a child gets the
information and the methodology
of how something works,
in the total of science
a small test is taken
with the check if the child
grasps the idea, or the learning
skill before its teached

As the child a priori
is tested, to see is that
one child already grasp,
but is not able to use it
on all questions,

another does not grasp it
at all, and a third one
is already skilled at it.

The posteriori tests or exams
are as already taken by
the normal education,
mostly by period or by subject.

Suggestive learning tests
the skill of a scientific subject
on any level of education
to see if a priori learning skills
are able to meet the prerequisites.

The result is that children
or students with high suggestive
learning skills are able to have
education on a higher level.

System of greater good

Being a part of a system

The source of every living being is
by interaction with others.

As a society is a system
of many individuals and all
are longing for a goal to reach.

As society copes with many problems
daily, and gives meaning to the lives
of many.

As a human body, we exist as a whole
and being with many cells.

To say this cell in my head holds
all intelligence,
or this cell in my arm is lifting
the heavy weight is
by simple reasoning false.

If we compare it,
a small bacteria in nature
is one cell, and only depends
on itself, not being
cooperative with others.

This same bacteria if
part of the digestive system
of a human,
is part of a greater good,
and has its same effect
but now part of some higher creature.

If humans have free will,
they are not depending on anything
outside itself,
and all wheater conditions
are sole coped by this human

Now a human is believing in
a faith like jesus christ
now this human is part
of the body of christ,
may have his usual job or function
but being protected by
the greater good,
as being part of christianity
being protected in a manner
above free will or above just luck.

All humans have the chance to be part
of a body, be it religion, be it faith
of be it a company or country to work for.

As all religions are regarded as a
system, or a body making all parts
big and small to be in their mercy and

Being part of christianity is
being part of His body.

Being part of hinduism regarding
Krishna, one is part of His body
and being protected and by his
mercy a job or function in society.

As in Hinduism Brahman the
highest concept of a power or godhead,
one is part of His body.

All gods function as being regarded
as with human conditions.
Regarding a godhead even without human form
to be addressed as a human.

This regards prayer as the mean to
get in contact with this greater good,
this large body.

Even when a godhead is not being
a person, or an entity,
prayer is by speech or writing
and believed to be seen or observed
by a godhead.

As godheads being endowed with
omniscience they are hearing
our prayers, and answer with
their supernatural powers.

As every human is part of
a system or religious system
being part of a greater good
gives the protection,
and a function inside this system
or body.
Being part of the body of Brahman
as the supreme reality giving
his mercy as nonpredetermined grace

Virtual Worlds

Diving to retain lost souls

A double sided incentive.
In a future unnamed with no
trace to time and date
a new possible technology
is by biological nature

to be immersed in a virtual world,
with realistic feelings of pain and happiness.
With determined free will
and being used for pleasure or learning.

As this virtual world is governed
by a mainframe of biological tissue
its not fully understood how it works.

As its a black box from a science
that still operates but is not anymore
being legal.

At this virtual world,
a codename would pull the spirit
out of it, back in his skin.

As time by time,
more and more people did
not get out of it,
and their bodies looked
as lifeless without a soul.

This virtual world,
with this drawback,
was abjected to be used
but still the lost spirits
were not visible.

Till this time of writing
the lost spirits has not
been intercepted or found.

As its biological technology
its not depending on a
programming language,
not depending
on diamond crystals
holding th soul.

As this idea, coupled to another
fashion of technology
the myth of Zelanja
a scientific prophet
forbidding the use of certain

Even computers and machines
were partly forbidden,
only allowed by direct attendance
of an operator.
As well that when the operator
stops it, the computer or machine,
it has to stop before day's end

As the idea of the virtual world
would be a prayer to retain the
lost souls.

As a proverb,
loosing citizenship or human rights,
one's support are the gods and their mercy.

Civilisation void

From the roman empire to the future

As with every civilisation, like the roman empire
the greek empire and others.

Once in a time, about each fourteenhundred years
a civilisation by its own weakness comes
to an end.

A civilisation in demise,
spends more at leisure or pleasure
than the national income.

As well part go in demise by
the use of technology in
the wrong way.

When a civilisation is in demise,
the structures always keep intact
for a large part,
and slowly diminishes in form.
which means in the first hundred years
all the temples and political buildings
keep intact,
and with the sands of time,
they slowly loose their form and meaning.

A civilisation when ended gives a time
a backward society.
normal technology fails to function because
energy and or food are not available anymore.

As well education fails by lack of scholared
teachers, as well food production are prime reasons.

The other way a civilisation goes in demise
is by criminal overtaking.
Even when a civilisation does not end by disaster
a criminal overtaking compared to world wars
on a larger scale end a society
by the use of fierce military.

As in the ages of the past these two
prime reasons for a society or civilisation
to end in demise.

Soul exchange

From the hominculus

In the science about ourselves,
the science of the soul and the life
including mind and matter.

To be able to transfer a soul
to a new body is a science being
highly advanced as the soul is
not visible to others,
and within the person,
one cannot even manipulate the soul
as its the one who hears, visions,
and moves its body.

To transfer a soul to a new body,
as the exchange of a hominculus.

As the theory that within the body
a small little doll is the one
who governs life and actions.

As the mind is an instrument
capabel of giving sight
to a happening or act
and to prepare a decision
as well giving a moment
of joy when thinking
about a nice day.

To exchange the soul is by
transferring through the act
of binding it to a second mind
and then altering it.

As the soul within is only
visible when moving,
from reality to mind,
and from action to stillness.

The science to be able
to transfer a soul
is not speaking without fantasy
as many science fiction books
have it as the main theme.

From having the soul of
a famous man to a new one
when the body fails.

From having the soul of
an inventor when finding it
to a body of his offspring.

Blue scheme.

body adjustments

We all know that the human body has
its deficits and sometimes over time
grow as being with infirmities or
the feeling the body deteriorates.

As the body has a subtile scheme
for how it operates, the use of its
methods of acting.

The blue scheme is an overal scheme
that is based on the intermediary
of all bodies.

As a child has a muscle structure
that is based on the average.
Some are thin, other thick
and all are able to move,
to eat to do and to act.

As the blue scheme,
is the midst of both
a body capable of acting,
as a body capable of having
a feeling of contentment.

As contentment is the feeling
that life is to be coped with
without many reasons beyond
human controll.

As to make someone to the blue scheme
is to remove all infirmities,
and to remove all abject functions
and to give vaccines for all diseases.

The blue scheme is a level
of both health, and intelligence.
and the ability to cope with life
without large extremities.

The blue scheme,
is a technology that
depends on a certain
organisation. and the use
of normal level technology.

The blue scheme, adapts
people to a certain health scheme
but gives the normal health
ratio as feeling and action.
Whereby the body is adjusted
but more useable.

As this blue scheme,
is the method to give
all subjects a basic feeling
of health and happiness.
a basic property to have
normal action, muscle and other.

As this blue scheme,
does not interfere in
the goal, the means,
or the other marks
of character and intelligence.

This blue scheme,
when attached or given by
medicine slowly changes
the body to the scheme.

Giving a normal health,
a normal way to behave
and the property of
a basic stand point

Quantim travel

Albert Einstein, light speed

Think of quantum particles travelling
at high speed through the known

As smaller than the core of an atom,
when visible for a nanosecond
or even smaller.

As they travel,
you see them visible at one point
en then disapear.

as with a camera, of 40 frames a second
and throwing a ball through
the area in front.

You see the ball at one frame,
at the second frame two metres

If you watch a quantum particle
it is the same idea except
in ten nano seconds
you see it at distance
more than a million kilometres.

Now if you could pack a
living soul inside the quantum

And this quantum particle
travels to a distance planet
of billions lightyears distance.

There it appears again and
the soul is released into
the living society there.

Another idea is the medieval times
where important politicians
travelled from their province
to the high council
and in the journey
each two days catched a new
horse fresh and fed.

As the quantum travel
is a technology not yet

As with the medieval example
arranging starting and exit
points. and the use
of it
as a legal method of travelling.

As a quantum particle
in such a journey have
to be visible only at ten
points during the billions of space
to cross.

As the quantum travelling
can give view on far distant
worlds. without the effort
for a space ship holding
food or other means.

Science in view

The voice of Akasha in Science

We all know the movies about
space ship altering gravity, reality
or the view of it.

We all know the movies that we
win the war of very vicious
beings of outer space.

As the science can be
either digital, biological
or material.

As science of digital is
based on the act of computing
in a device capable of making
decisions in microseconds.

As the science of biological
source is by creating
biological devices not by design
but by selection, or manipulation.

As the science of material,
is by having chemistry. physics,
or other means.

As science of gravity can be
either biological
with a seldom found creature
able to stand gravity or alter it.

This creature has its source
in a specie found on planets were
gravity alters itself many times
a day.

This creature found and placed
in a box with all things to keep it alive
as its used to alter for space ships
the travel on a planet.

Another biological treat is
the use of a creature to
coordinate all computers
on board of a space ship
even when its bigger than three hundred

As a body has sinews,
that being uses all computers
to coordinate all functionality.

Radio shield

A sheer silence in the air

As we monitor all radio emission of
the solar systems, and milky ways
in the near sight of our instruments

As we look to find sentient life
by the use of radio-emitting in a
fashion of intelligent pulses
or analog sequence.

The first thing to do when emerging
from the digital age into a full
technology of higher kind.

Teh use of a radio shield,
not by blocking all signals,
this would cause a different level
of safety. as a radio shield
not blocking but as a kind of
malforming basis.

compared to someone writing
a messae with ink on a page,
as you would take away with white
one can by connecting the dots
reform the message,
but when someone writes
random language, its totally

A radio shield should not block
but alter in a direction
that its not anymore comprehensive.

As when looking at radio waves from
far away, a absence of radiation
is not seen, but a random noise
is even showing that there is
not any intelligent kind of it.

Ocean of Light

Al frequencies of life

As fishes swimming in the water,
and all have the alike features

As in the air all birds have wings
and fill their day with food
and flying.

As humans on earth all share
the act of eating, and breathing.

As all is visible in they eye
and the eye touches the goal
by giving measure to all actions.

As in space, no air,
no light at all gives
the direction of a long
journey a safe end.

As on earth the sun by touching the
hemisphere creates the blue color
every living being understands.

From the flower touching the sun to
grow unto.

From the coldblooded living the morning
to warm up by sunlight.

As the cat in the house standing in
the window looking at a new day
of chasing mice and walking
the territory.

As humans choose to work with
a lamp untill sleeping time
and in the morning leaving
for work or the job at hand
and greeting the sun for
a nice feeling.

As on earth all is endowed
with the feeling of recognizing
the sun when it appears and shines.

We live in the ocean of light
and cannot comprehend the act
that the sun would not be there.

We live in the oceans of
a large source of vibrant
energy we call photons.

As we look with telescopes
in the spacecontinuum
we see fields of radiomagnetic
waves and we see vibrant energy of
random noise of many frequencies.

As we look on our earth,
as well in space all
creatures and species are bound
by their world, with their frequency
of life.

As we carry our soul,
with light
they carry their soul,
with their light
of their kind of frequencies.

Features of electrons and photons

Looking at a stable source

As our technology is based on electrons.
from buildig a current to using a device.

Electrons from atom and molecule to the next.
As its the power source of many of our appliances.

As photons regarded as the particles of light
and giving light to our life as we do not live
in the dark.

The method to create energy from the sun
and creating light when the sun is down.

Electrons at hte outer circle of a particle
and by force drawn to the next.

Electrons being the current of electromagnetic
fields, creating nonmatterdependent fields and transfer.

As photons based as the visible light,
and being seen by the eye of many creatures
on earth and above.

As photons emit light because of light itself
and this light meeting as waves to the external
visible world.

As electrons by voltage and force
move at the speed of the vessel.
like copper, wire, air and other substances.

There is a method difference between
quick movement and slow movement.
As quick movement looses energy at kinds of metal
being the intermediate.

As quick movement gives energy to all our

This other kind is slow movement
as compared you can have a small creek
drawing water at quick rate,
and you have a river at slow speed.
As the last one is to have a large amount
of energy not depending on colliding features.

slow movement electrons can give a surplus of
energy not being needed at immediate source.

as slow electrons can be used for most
energy transfer needing a stable source.
and if so, by slow movement no loss of current.

as with slow electrons the step to slow photons
as well a subjet the write about.

as photons seen as light in the eye is dependent
on a substance creating the current of photons
to emit our of an object with the use of sunlight

As this substance is the basis of all light
and gives power to what is seen.
without this substance nothing would
be visible as the photons do not meet the force
to give power to be seen.

as the substance of giving photons visibility.
as these are quick photons as they disappear
a quick moment after emitting.

A slow photon movement or source is to be
regarded as being different, for
it gives the substance energy to the photons
being the source a lasting visible energy.

As theory, the sun would use these slow
photon energy, otherwise all the light would
wear out after ten years.

These slow photons as used for many sources,
including light after sundown.

as the use of slow photon's as well
are able to heal the subtle body
of our human kind.

These slow photons used for the body
as to lay in a field of it for a day
heals all energy waves and paths
in our body. and give it energy to
keep healthy at its own.

With the theory that deficits are created
by the damage to the sublte body.
as this in all humans is a different
kind and place of damage resulting
in many diseases.

This in view even deficits
of children are related back
to the damage in the subtle body
of the parent.

So slow electrons have a
energy source without loss of particles

And slow photons can be used
as a more stable source of
using appliances and is a good
source of healing the subtle body.

Ground materials

Loooking at air, fire, ground, water and spirit

As the source materials and source matter of all substances
in old writings is based on five principles

From air, water fire and earth as the spirit being
the fifth.

As in the future when science progresses to a
level we not anymore see both source and
function or result we can apply physical
law to all sciences we know.

As fire nowadays is noth the fireplace
as well the use of gas to power
turbines creating electricity

As water in the river can be used to wash
as well in deformed state used to be
energy for our cars.

And both water and earth being the basis
for the growth of plants, the movement
of animals but in a deformed state
creates yist for using as food.

As yeast being food holds all the vitamins
and all the carbon fibres.

As air is to float around the world
making life possible as it lets
through all the light and solar vitamins.

But air being deformed with a little earth
can be the propeller to power space ships
and even to create conditioned homes
on other planets or solar systems.

As the four basic ingredients for all
life, can be used for advanced science
but when above a level not being
analysed and recognized for all its parts
or even the science of putting them together.

The science to give them the names of all
the ground material is the easiest one
as all things brought back to its basis
is a small sign to the science its made by.

The basic ingredients, being
air, water, earth, fire and spirit
as the ground of all sciences.
and with the lost knowledge the
only sign to guide to the advanced discovery.

Energy dimension

A layer of pure energy

As the quest for finding dimensions
continues after each medieval rise up.

As the quest for flying into space
comes after conquering the near atmosphere.

As the quest for reaching star systems
capable of native living is the drive
for discovering all kinds of technologies

As the dimensions not being visible
are to be found either by the eye
or the abstract technologies.

As supposed one dimension is filled
with large light and energy.

Emperical proof of this dimension
is not to be found unless the
grae of a god technology

As to enter this dimensions is
to loose immediately the physical
body to the overloading of energy.

As this dimension is the one above the reality
we know, and is filled with energy
travelling with light speed is therefore
to be dragged from source to destination
within a microsecond even with distances
a million greater.

This dimension is to be used
for both travel and the use as
a battery for energy.

As some say in that dimension as it
would abstractle seen the source
of the sun and solar light
the place of the sun in the dimension
is showing a ver small dimmed light and energy

As this dimension is to be found
as the source of energy and the
source of travelling.

Device interfaces

Electronic and Chemical implementation

Interface designs are in the near future the bridge
between the brains of a person and the use of technology

As in the brain both sinews, grey matter and hormones
are the use for giving intelligence to the daily task.

The interface designs to integrate appliances
into the use of daily matters.

The electronic device interface is to
connect a computer to the brain, ultimately
connecting a series of robots through the

This electronic device interface is the use
for guiding and coordinating a full function
scale of a job. As companies have the use
of machines being automated and with the robots
operating at higher advanced scale.

As the second interface being the chemical device interface
connects not through the sinews but by hormones
and this chemical interface is not by computing
but by chemical balances.

As to fantasize about, chemical interfaces giving
surplus temporary hormones to be active.

Or in the normal society to regulate all kinds of
diseases based in the head or in the hormones.

The question to cure psychiatric ilness
to place a chemical device interface
guarding the person for all inbalances.

Two interfaces,
one electronic device interface,
implemented at birth and connected
to a couple of sinews, and these sinews
connect with a feeling layer not very important
and by birth and education.

Both given meaning for by implant,
and by education the source of using it
in a rightfull manner.

The chemical device interface connecting
to a certain spot in the brains.
and even takes over all kinds of medication.

mind coding

A mind coding language to alter intelligence

Mindfull coding languages have several
main characteristics.

as some theme's or subjects are important

As we now object-oriented programming
as every object has only one responsabilty.

The mindfull programming languages are operated
by the use of symbols.

As we know language being made by symbols
and communication by symbol as everyone
in youth learns the use of both
language, symbols, meaning and goals.

The mind is operated by symbols as well
as most scholared people know how to
have a trail of thoughts to either decide
the best option, interprete the behaviour of others
as well the use of a trail to find a goal.

The mind being used can be used to predict
the future in a precise way,
to give information about a subject.
and to discover new technologies.

As the mind has a symbol set,
not seen but resulting in thoughts.

As the mind has the function scale of
working from a source or towards a destination

As the mind has the function scale
to be limited in the values or to
start from a given set of values.

As the mind has the coding symbol set
not for thinking but for educating the mind
or reforming it for new functions.

As this coding symbol set heightens the
intellect or intelligence and can
give persons from intermediary education
the level for getting to university.

As on earth we use this mind coding
set not very conscious as its not
implemented in education.

As we woul use it on purpose
we can grow in our intelligence
and this mind coding set
with symbols can create a
difference in our specie intelligence

Automatic defense unit

Regional defenses

As from a place far away when the technology was right
they discovered the use of an automatic defense unit.

As this device was the use for protecting a
region of people with normal care.

As this unit can stop all uncommon influence.
and by a small electromagnetic field
with low current detects things that
should not be there.

As this unit can monitor a field
of a large city and is able
to by a small burst of overloading
both electricity as well the molecule bonds
of matter.

This automatic defense unit can be
used for all local and regional defenses.

as the field monitors in a split second
a region and the small burst is in another
small moment this unit is
for normal care up to the task

Chemical electricity

Onetime appliances

As a technology being described and important for
far away missions.

The use of a chemical appliance to give electricity
at a small burst after which its obsolete.

The use of a device giving energy at high rate
but very short, used for force fields which
overload energy to block all kinds of it.

Its chemical and at a burst it
gives a thousand volts and a thousand amperes.
As its used for onetime uses only.

As we use drones for leisure and to
be able to bring postal packets to
the front door.

This kind can be attached to a drone to
have with a small burst an energy line
for all kinds of purposes.

As the chemical reaction depletes its
chemical parts and the surplus of
energy suddenly given its only for
a purpose at short notice.

As with most technologies you
want to repeat it, and to be
dependable on the use of it.

As for a onetime use the costs
are very high in relation
to all othet methods.

As the use with the combination
of force fields, it can create
an on scene version of defense.

As with the burst the force field
is powered and protects for
situations seldom being countered.

Codes of Planets and Stars

The artificial guidance to a distant place

As timetravel depends on time
and space travel depends on space.

The use for travelling depends on
the coordination of localisations.

As one wants to travel from the earth
to a star system far away.

As to leave earth is easy,
but to reach a destination
is like flying a line to
a dot of four millimeters.

As all planets and stars
on this map of the universe
have a digital or written
code being the source of
both source and destination.

As earth having a dense core,
which is used for holding all
creatures on earth.

As this dense core is made
from materials as all planets
in the solar system of our
earth have dense cores.

And like a person has a face
by which he is recognized
the planets and stars have
the impression of a unique
visibility of both the form
as well the name being a code.

As to use the code is like
sensing with a probe the material
core being a unique code.

As we collect all codes of
all stars and planets in
this milky way its able
to leave earth and reach
a destination.

The codes as living rays of
vibrations emitted by all cores
give a direct method to
coordinate a journey from
close to far away.

As we would take the code
of alpha centauri, and
by the regular measure
we reach it.

As its a step on the path
through a desert of sand
to a world filled with
vibrant energy.
with thousands of habited worlds.

Quantim travel

By anchor reaching the destination

As quantum particles smaller than an atom
and smaller than a core of an atom.

As these quantum appear and disappear
at pulse and melody.

As a quantum in a range of pulses
appear at a point, a next point
and after it another seven points
all in the universe at certain spots

As one is forexample at earth
and another at starfield Orion
and a third one at a point in the milky way.

As its the same range after its source
its dependable as travelling through
the universe

By using the quantum as an anchor
and to choose one with a destination
at one of its points.

By attaching and loosing one
is brought to the destination.

Quantim travel by anchoring
at a quantum particle
as they have a route being
statical and dependable

Mind Balance device

Rooting out all psychic diseases

A mind balance is a small device made of
both chemical and electric material
it creates a shade over all the thoughts
and by the shade a feeling of power arises

This power gives the thinker the
ability to either end all thoughts
to abject thoughts or to change
the subject or theme of it.

This small device is adjusted and
implemented at birth and is not
depending on outsite power supply.

This device in the brains give
the thinker the power of adjusting.

Line of Travelling

A source of automatic piloting and energy-sustain

As a new method of both international travelling
and escaping the hemisphere.

As a new method based on full automatic pilot
and the use of an energy trail for having
the engines run.

This method as small two dimnesional layer of
energy. made of an uncommon source.

It looks as a line of light in the sky,
even visible at daylight.

This line of energy always at the same spot
and line, and always to be used as energy source.

This line from the airbase to the border of the

This line used by airplanes and spaceplanes
as automiticly followed as the story
of the ants and their line of sugar.

As this method gives both guidance
and energy to all the planes using it.

As the line always on the same coordinates
from start to finish.

As with windmills this second kind of
technology can provide a stable basis
of travelling.

As the international lines are around the globe
and making regular automatic flying a normal
way and use of society.

Electric energy weapon.

A small dot to be used as an energy weapon

As the source of an energy weapon,
being a small dot or like a tennisball.

A ring of electric wire,
being with diameter of 30 centimeter,
and with eight limbs,
as round with a single wire,
and at each limb in the middle a small thing
looking like an oldtime electronic resistor

As this round wire is being put with
electric currunt, and it creates a round
lighting like effect.

Then through the middle
a small drip or drop made of water
or lubricant or liquid
is being sent.

This drip when through it,
gets the electric current
and immediately looks like
a small dot with emitting light
as the movie like energy weapon.

when this small drip of water
hits an object small or large
its in effect like an energy weapon.

As this technology is
science fiction, as the description
is not logicall at all.

Gravity essence of forcefield

This force to use at conditioning without gravity

We know the force of gravity to pull everything to the bottom of ground and earth
As this force is used to support all living on earth.

As we want to use force fields to different purposes,
and the essence of it is found in the use of gravity.

I we would create a sphere of gravity of two metres thick
and double force, all metal stone objects would not be able
to pass.

As this force field depends on the characteristic
of a molecule, And even water does need this force
to pour down.

As we know the gas state of objects is
less atoms faster moving and therefore
both heat, both liquid or evne without bound state.

This force field, if you vision,
you pull a spear through it and
its like putting a stick in a
pile of straw, if its very thin
you can pull it more,
if its less thin you stopped by the force.


Gedeelde dimensies

In de meetkunde hebben we de punt als een dimensie
de lijn als twee en het object als drie.

We stellen nu dat een punt een vlak is,
en dat een vlak een dimensie is.

Als een dimensie, een vlak in het verlengde
als een lijnencombinatie raakt met een
ander vlak noemen wij dit een gedeelde dimensie
immers een vlak, met de lijnen die in het verlengde
een andere dimensie raken
dus in een dimensie beiden hun coordinaten

Een gedeelde dimensie is onderdeel van de theoretische werkelijkheid.
En als objecten in een dimensie een lijn raken
is de dimensie bewezen uit beide objecten bestaand

Een mens als punt en vlak kunnen dus in een dimensie
door lijnen elkaar raken.

Een gedeelde dimensie omdat de objecten,
door de lijnen die langs vlakken in
de dimensies elkaar raken.

Zoals de mens in drie dimensies bestaat,
en door waarneming verbonden is aan die dimensies.
Zo kunnen wij naar aanleiding van de grot van plato
die veronderstelde dat de schaduwen op de muur de
werkelijkheid waren, en buiten niet bestond.

Zo zijn wij voor een hogere dimensie misschien
maar een tekenfilm en een derde aan dimensies minder
dan voor die hogere meetkundige bestaanswerkelijkheid.

Met onze betekenisgeving in het leven,
dat wij op dieren neerkijken,
wij niet de hele dag op tv een boerderij met
dierenlevens laten zien, immers
de koe die de hele dag gras eet geen spannende film is.

En de tekenfilm die geen verhaal toont
ook geen vermaak is.

Zo is het hogere leven bij ons bekend,
wij gaan op een dag hoogstens naar werk
eten thuis en hebben ontspanning,

maar vergelijkbaar met een tekenfilm
gebeurt er vijr weinig en bij hogere intelligentie
verwachten zij een diepe betekenisgeving in het leven
die nog het dichtst benaderbaar is
door de verhaallijnen van boeken en films.

Het hogere leven dat meer dimensies heeft,
en daardoor een groter bevattingsvermogen nodig heeft.

En de vergelijking dat een contactlegging
eigenlijk weinig zin heeft, als er geen betekenis
aan een van beide kanten is.

Immers de mens wil winst behalen,
zo ook van boven, overal willen ze
winst of wel persoonlijke betekenis verkrijgen
aan het bestaan.

En zolang wij de taal der dieren niet spreken
zullen wij hun geheimen ook niet kennen.

En om iemand rechten te kunnen geven,
moet je over de belangrijkste dingen
kunnen praten met elkaar.

Een koe die loeit dat hij een
betere weide met gras en kruiden wil,
zonder begrepen te worden, die weide
niet zal vinden.


Inter-stellaire reizen

De theorie over wormholes is dat
ze reizen door het hele universum
mogelijk maken.

Van bij star trek in twee seconden
van het ene zonnestelsel tot de
andere melkweg. De zogenaamde sprong.

De wormholes is als het ware
een stap uit de drie dimensies
en in de drie dimensies op een ander punt.

Waarbij de theorie een extra dimensie
dit mogelijk maakt, alsof je een sprongetje

Deze wormholes die door een wurm worden gemaakt
die als het ware een gangetje buiten de
drie dimensies heeft, en die benut
door een groot schip erdoorheen te duwen.

Waarbij de technologie dus berust
op een wurm, een levend wezen
die van nature dit kan,
en als een soort paard voor de wagen
deze techniek beheerst.

Door deze wurm te domesticeren
ruimtereizen mogelijk maakt
en bij iedere reis,

Van punt A naar Punt C reist,
door een extra dimensie heen
en zowel schip als inhoud
integraal doorstuurt.

Deze wurm die niet afhankelijk
is van bestaande wegen.

Programs and souls

Red ik de mens of de robot

Als wij in de toekomst gebruik maken van robots
die veel op mensen lijken,
denk aan de robots van isaac asimov,
die gelijk aan mensen kunnen handelen.

En zo precies zijn aan mensen,
dat als je kan kiezen tussen
een relatie met een vrouw of met een robot,
je vanwege het makkelijke karakter van de robot
voor de robot kiest.

En je relatie met de robot,
jarenlang lijkt te voelen
als een hele gelukkige relatie.

Deze robot volgens hogere beschavingen
geen echt leven heeft,
en als er plotseling een ongeluk gebeurt
en je moet kiezen, red ik de robot
of red ik de mens,
een moeillijke keuze wordt,

Als je emotioneel aan de robot gebonden bent,
en de mens subjectief soms ruzie maakt.

Als je deze keuze moet maken,
de robot omdat die elektronisch
aangestuurd wordt, en dus een software heeft.
Een programma die hem aanstuurt.

De mens natuurlijk een ziel heeft,
en als ziel soms onvoorspelbaar is.
En ook onaangenaam kan zijn in contact.

De keuze redt ik het programma of de ziel.
Een keuze die in hogere beschavingen een soort
zwaard van damokles is, of een oordeel
over het diepste in de mens.

Immers de robot of het programma is wel
door mensen ontworpen en daarom een
produkt dat niet los staat van de mens.

Material projection

Projection of matter

A technology between the use of seed to create a full plant
from just one speck of a milimeter.

A technology of projection of a material plan
into a real material matter.

At two sides a projection is made.

One is the seed, capable of the burst
the other is the plan figured by laser
into the receivng side of this particle.

The seed is capable of bursting into
a material object made of the tissue
stored into the seed.

After the so called laser projects
the plan into the seed, at the receiving

The seed is touched with a burst of
energy, which gives an expansion
into the full plan made into
projection of materials.

a seed of a milimeter,
a plan of half a meter,
and the burst gives this
artifact its form.

Alloy buildings

Using alloy for creative building

As for buildings technology,
we today use concrete and wood.
as well with glass and other substances.

As the need for a building,
to be for living, work or other means
there is a method of creation
with the use of alloy's

As we know ultraviolet light
to give substance the hardening
to be used.

As light can give soft tissue or material
to get hard.

The use of alloy's for buildings
can make them single layer of the outward,
and a second layer for the inward.

As the alloys are made from large plates,
four by four metres, and can be plastified
or sculpted to a form needed.

for example a building as a half baseball
from plates of alloy's sculpted,
and then with a light beam,
made to a hard alloy figure.

To use alloy's for buildings
make them all look like the towers
or Gaudi, and other famous architects.

By sculpting alloy plates of 4 metres,
and by hardening with light you get
all kinds of creative buildings.
As after hardening as tough
as concrete and as good as
the best kind of design.


The flight

As there are formula's in science to give a clear answer
on every kind of new technology and its implementation.

We know all kinds of formula's from gravity,
digital communication over a analog layer

As well formula's to encrypt both
passwords as well the money vault of
all banks.

there are two formula's
one depicting the use of gravity engines
the other the use of airpanes, heli's
and other air-ships to use on a normal
gravity based planet.

As a helicopter and an airplane
have wings, some rotating other
static. And the use to both trancend
gravity and to be able to fly.

The total surface of these wings
is one variable in the formula

The second variable is
the constant of both gravity
and the multiplication of
the mass, wieight of the airplane or helicopter.

The thirth variable is the
constant of the total resistance
as the subformula.

The formula for airplanes is.

wings is w.
constant is G, mass is M
resistance is R.

This formula can be used
in both directions.

one to count the surface
the other to count the possible mass.

G * M / R = W

The second formula for gravity engines
are depending on the use of gravity
changing matter. and the possible

As gravity matter is not yet found,
there is non currunt formula.

Formula fantasy

Made up by formula's without implementation

About formula's without any description and meaning
one can write as one can talk. The formula's
all are part of future's kind.


A=alpha wave
B=Matter beta
C=Confirm number
D=Delta cause
E= Emotional balance from left.
F=Feeling balance from right.
G=Gamma constant.
H=Air balance constant.
I=Intervention formula.

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